Create lab exercises with programming competitions

Offer your students a practical context for your course material through programming competitions.

Engage your students

Engage and motivate your students with a practical application of your course material which provides visual feedback on their work.

“Using games, students are more challenged, especially when they see that their colleagues are also engaged in the same task. I think this is the power of competition in anything.”

- Traian Rebedea professor at the University of Bucharest

Achieve learning goals

Competitions offer a broad learning potential and support a wide variety of course specific learning goals. Applicable goals can vary from learning programming basics to applying advanced AI algorithms. Strategy, tidiness of code, correct implementation of an algorithm or anything you can think of can be used for grading.

Live example

What will your competition be like? Check out our competition for the Universitatea Polithenica din Bucuresti and get inspired

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