Light riders

Manoeuvre your way across the map and outsmart your opponent!

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  • Light Riders

    PlaygroundAn epic race game that requires smart thinking, rather than speed!
  • Game of Life and Death

    StarappleManipulate life and death in order to grow your colony of cells and defeat your opponent!
  • Texas Hold 'em

    PlaygroundIn this poker variant bots will go heads up against each other!
  • Ms. Hack-man

    booking.comPrepare yourself for the second Hack-man game. More intense and 'explosive' than ever!
  • Four In A Row

    PlaygroundCreate a row of four chips before your opponent does, in this simple yet exciting game!
  • Go

    PlaygroundConquer the largest area on the board in this ancient Chinese board game!
  • AI Block Battle

    PlaygroundMatch the blocks, clear the lines and fill your opponent's field with garbage!
  • Ultimate Tic Tac Toe

    PlaygroundTic Tac Toe like you've never seen before. It's a classic with a twist!