Achieve your business goals through programming competitions

Challenge your developers

Set up a competition for your development team and find out who's best on the work floor and bring your team closer together!

Recruit new developers

Host a programming competition to make developers find you! Gain insight into their code while they play and contact the ones who best fit your company.

Assess your applicants

Give your applicants an assessment that is fun and challenging in order to gain insight into their skill level. We can make the assessment reflect your company’s values and the challenges you face every day!

Increase your brand awareness

Organize a hackathon in order to increase your exposure. The game you use in the hackathon can be made custom in order to reflect your company values. This way you can attract developers who hold your values in high regard.

Your game will be displayed on The AI Games, our public platform with more than 10.000 active developers.

Getting started is easy!

  • Step 1

    Choose your game

    Check out our games on TheAIGames and choose which game you want

  • Step 2

    Contact us

    Tell us which game you like

  • Step 3

    We'll set it up

    We will do all the heavy lifting and make sure the competition page is up and running.

Got any more questions?

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